Legacy Metering Group (LMG) Limited was established in 2015 to fulfil the needs of electricity retailers, network companies and consumers where the management and installation of ‘legacy meters’ was a requirement.

LMG was set up by Gary Nightingale and Mike Bickers who have both had many years in the electricity metering industry. Gary brings technical and regulatory expertise and Mike brings commercial and operations management experience. Having lead teams in their respective disciplines that have installed hundreds of thousands of meters throughout NZ, they have now turned their attention to service the much neglected legacy metering market.

LMG is a Christchurch-based but nationwide provider of niche asset management and metering services.  LMG has tailored it services in unique ways to effectively manage the legacy sector.

Our team


LMG-Director-Gary-Nightingale - Traditional electricity metersGary is a Technical Product Manager with vast experience in metering technology design, selection and deployment.

Gary commenced in the electricity industry 24 years ago in the retail and network sectors and later moved into the electrical engineering field of energy meters.

Gary lead a team that was responsible for the selection and platform design for the metering technology suite of the largest advanced metering deployment in New Zealand.

Before establishing LMG Gary managed the field, radio and electrical engineering team to establish, develop and support the expansion and diversification of the advanced metering platform.  Prior to smart metering his major involvement was in managing the testing, installation and maintenance of both legacy metering and the more sophisticated Commercial and Industrial metering.

Gary has also been instrumental in facilitating standard setting for Health and Safety and Electricity Industry Metering Codes both internally and to the field. Standards now utilised by many organisations within the electricity metering industry. Through active liaison with key government organisations (Electricity Authority, EGCC and MBIE) Gary continues to drive a coordinated and effective approach to achieving compliant and safe outcomes for the metering industry.  Gary now turns his focus solely to the attention of the Legacy Metering segment to help both customers, Asset Owners and and retailers with their own use and compliance obligations of this market.


LMG-Director-Mike-Bickers Legacy electricity meterMike is a commercial manager with 20 years operational and commercial experience across a broad range of industries.

Mike commenced his career in the health sector and subsequently moved into quality management roles in the food industry. This led to broader manufacturing systems and operational management positions in food manufacturing with local and multi-national organisations.

Mike has also held roles in ERP business consulting specialising in MRP and manufacturing, capacity optimisation and inventory management.

After completing an MBA through Canterbury University in 2003, Mike joined an electricity distribution company with responsibility for the operation and financial performance of the meter reading, field services and test house functions in the business.

In 2010 Mike joined the largest metering and metering services provider in New Zealand in a senior commercial role.

Seeing the need for a specialist provider of legacy metering, Mike established LMG with Gary in 2015.