LMG is a specialist MEP (Metering Equipment Provider) of legacy meters.

LMG offers not only MEP and compliance services on the meters it owns, it also knits together services from ‘best of breed’ service providers to facilitate a smooth, simple and lightweight service offering, purpose built for legacy meters.

LMG is looking to solve problems, rather than impose a rigid, commoditised service package for electricity retailers, network companies and end use customers. LMG knows what each of these parties are looking for in respect to solutions via a legacy meter.

LMG is bringing simple and novel services to the legacy metering space and supports retailers, network companies and end use customers who know they still have the power to choose legacy electricity meters. Through LMG, legacy metering need not solely be thought of in the way it used to be.

Our Service Ethics

  1. LMG has a partner approach to service. Therefore LMG will do everything it can to meet the needs of its customers in a collaborative manner.
  2. LMG is a solutions provider to perceived problems in legacy meter management.
  3. Working with LMG is easy. Its simple light-touch systems and processes being the key.
  4. Our customers have direct access to our management team.