Legacy Metering Group

Traditional Meters, Traditional Values

What are Legacy Meters?

Legacy Electricity Meters are meters without the ability to communicate to a remote location. Traditionally, these meters have been considered as those that require a meter reader to visit the property to obtain the ‘reading’. These meters may be electronic or electro-mechanical (with a rotating disc).

Our meter services

LMG provides a full suite of services to support ‘end-use’ customers, network company’s and electricity retailers in the use and benefits of legacy electricity meters. LMG offers traditional and enhanced meter reading, consumption validation, compliance, maintenance, ownership and retail field services to electricity retailers, network companies and end-use customers. A fresh approach to ensure customers are included in modern day metering benefits.

About us

LMG was recently established to service a neglected market segment and meet the growing need for a specialist approach to legacy meters.  Importantly for its customers, LMG is a privately owned business, completely independent from existing electricity metering, retail or distribution companies.


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